GDG Benin 2015 I/O Extended

Hello community, as we all know, Google I/O is upon us.

Google I/O is two days of inspirational talks, hands-on learning, and a chance to hear more about Google’s latest developer products.

For those who are new or who do not already know, I/O Extended is a program that affords the rest of us (who cannot be live in California) a way to participate and enjoy the trills and engagement of the conference  from the comfort and context of our local community, either via a live stream or play-back of the recorded event.

The event is slated for 4.00PM (Nigerian time) today, and we had a bumper event planned for the GDG Benin, however, our 2015 I/O Extended event will take place much later in June, at a date to be communicated by the new organizers (yeah, GDG Benin we’ll be getting new managers since I am stepping down already due to a relocation out of Benin city!)

We had a wonderful time with the 2014 I/O Extended last year and this year’s edition will definitely be much bigger and better.

I encourage you all to join the 2015 I/O Live Stream to catch all the news and trills first hand. You can view the live stream here, as from 4.00 PM Nigerian time. Cheers.


Google UX Masterclass 2015


Starting from 1st – 2nd of May 2015 UX designers from the UX team at Google will be visiting Nigeria to conduct a hands-on user experience masterclass in Lagos here at CcHUB.

User Experience (UX) involves a person’s behaviors, attitudes, and emotions about using a particular product, system or service. User experience includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership.

Over the two days, the participants of the masterclass will be exposed to a practical introduction to what UX is all about and also how to work the basics of user experience design into their product development cycle.

It’s suited for people working on new or yet to launch products and businesses who have launched products to apply the fundamentals of UX to their next product iteration.

(May 1, 2015) Day 1: New Product Teams

Day 1 will equip teams who are working on launching a new with fundamentals of the UX Process and tips on Product Launch such as:

  • Understanding your users
  • Crystalizing your product vision
  • Idea generation and paper prototyping
  • Planning your next steps: from designs to launch

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(May 2, 2015) Day 2: Post Launch Product Teams

Day 2 will focus helping teams who have publicly launched products to apply the fundamentals of UX to their next product iteration. The sessions will include:

  • Understanding your users
  • Identifying improvements to your product
  • Iterating on designs
  • Planning your next steps: launching improvements and measuring success

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GDG Benin – Polymer Hakademic

Web Components are a new set of web platform features that enable developers to build applications in declarative, composable ways.

Polymer is a (Google-developed) library that polyfills Web Component support on modern browsers, and builds on those features to simplify and enhance their usage for rapid development.

The GDG Benin will have a HACKADEMIC WITH POLYMER event, and it will feature teck talks, demos and code lab sessions for Polymer / Web Component components and apps built with this hot technology.

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All Is Now Set For GDG Benin Android Study JAM – Lets Start Jamming!

What Is Google Developers Study Jam?

The Android Fundamentals Course on Udacity has 6 Lessons. It is expected that you will use 1 week to finish 1 lesson and use 2 weeks for your project making it 8 weeks to become a certified Android Developer.

So Google Developers Study Jam is an 8-week series of in-person, community-run study group to support you in taking the online Udacity course on Android.


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GDG Benin Android Study Jam, 2015

Google Developers Study Jam is a free series of global, community-run, in-person study groups. The first jam session is presented in partnership with Udacity and will follow the Udacity Android Fundamentals course. This series will be led by a certified Google Developer Group facilitator for the Study Jam and members of GDG Benin (those interested and who register) will meet once weekly for 7 weeks to learn and code on the Udacity Android Fundamentals course.

What does this all mean in simple english ?

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GDAYS Nigeria (2014) For Businesses & Developers

The community-driven annual congress for Google technology enthusiasts is back again in Nigeria, in a two-day event, slated for the 12th and 13th of December.

Split into two tracks, the 12th is designated for business owners and the activities will center on the use of Google web technologies and applications that enhance businesses.

The 13th will feature back to back sessions for developers who build with as well as on Google tech. In addition to regular fare such as Android, cloud and maps, there will be a session dedicated to the 2015 elections.

GDays Nigeria facilitator, Femi Taiwo, says the last edition had up to 600 developers and business people in attendance, and expects nothing short of a packed house this year. Attendance is free but by registration, and seats are limited.

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Join The [Google] Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals Course

The Google Analytics Academy provides a foundation for marketers and analysts seeking to understand the core principles of digital analytics and to improve business performance through better digital measurement.

Due to an unprecedented number of students joining the Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals course in December, we’re excited to announce that we’ve extended the deadline to earn your course certificate by one week.
If you complete all four course assessments with an overall score of 80% or better by December 18, 2014 at 11:59pm PST, you’ll earn a certificate of completion that can be downloaded and printed
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