GDG Benin Android Study Jam, 2015

Google Developers Study Jam is a free series of global, community-run, in-person study groups. The first jam session is presented in partnership with Udacity and will follow the Udacity Android Fundamentals course. This series will be led by a certified Google Developer Group facilitator for the Study Jam and members of GDG Benin (those interested and who register) will meet once weekly for 7 weeks to learn and code on the Udacity Android Fundamentals course.

What does this all mean in simple english ?


Google Developer Groups worldwide is organising a free online Android Application Development training at Udacity for interested members of GDG Benin who want to become certified Android Developers. Normally, anybody can take the free course at Udacity but you’ll not be given a certificate after completion because Udacity only gives certificates to people who paid to study the course at 199 USD (over 30k) per month. But with the collaboration with GDG Benin, after completion of the course, you’ll be given a certificate from Udacity and also a certificate of completion from Google. Imagine getting certified from Google?

Interested members will study the course online at Udacity and we will all meet once every week at a “Study Jam” event and a facilitator will be there to answer any question you have during your studies. The facilitator has already been trained and is certified, so he is going to be helping participants with learning and also solving any problem they may encounter with understanding Android development

If you are worried about the poor and expensive internet we have in Nigeria and wondering how you’ll be able to watch the course’s videos online, worry no more as we are going to be giving out all the lecture videos. You’ll just watch them offline and do the little that is needed online at the class.

This study jam is open (free) to only members of GDG Benin, so join now by joining our mailing list here : (and also following our Google+ page) . More details soon.


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