All Is Now Set For GDG Benin Android Study JAM – Lets Start Jamming!

What Is Google Developers Study Jam?

The Android Fundamentals Course on Udacity has 6 Lessons. It is expected that you will use 1 week to finish 1 lesson and use 2 weeks for your project making it 8 weeks to become a certified Android Developer.

So Google Developers Study Jam is an 8-week series of in-person, community-run study group to support you in taking the online Udacity course on Android.


What Will Be Happening There?

After you have signed up for the Android Course, you will be given the course videos you can watch offline but you will need internet to answer some questions on-line and also to access the codes we will make available in an on-line repository

All students will be studying on their own then at the end of each week, we will come together to review the week, learn and share to help others cover up and move on.

How Do I Sign Up?

You must sign up via the Official Udacity Registration Link to take part. After successfully signing up with UDACITY you will then confirm your registration by registering for the Jams with The GDG Benin to be enrolled officially to take part in our locally customized sessions where we will share tips and tricks, advanced code samples and techniques that will help participants hack up an amazing and outstanding final project. Registering with GDG Benin will guarantee your participation and also an opportunity to access the limited FREE certification passes.

Where / When Is Study Jam Taking Place?

Date : 7th March, 2015
Venue : Microbiology Annex Lab, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Benin.
Time: 1:30 PM

What Is In It For Me?

Participants will get;

1) Free in-person guidance & tutoring on the Udacity Android Fundamentals course
2) Study Jam laptop sticker, to be puzzled together throughout the program
3) Local community support of other students taking the course
4) Opportunity for free Android Fundamentals Udacity course certification;

Certifications are achieved by enrolling in the “premium” course and submitting a final project for evaluation. The premium course costs $199/month.

A limited number of premium course passes will be available to participants who meet these qualifications;

1) Attend each study jam session
2) Complete the Udacity course
3) Have a final project ready for submission

If more participants qualify for premium course passes than number of free passes available, these free passes may be distributed via raffle or app contest. All other participants who meet the qualifications will receive a 20% discount on the premium course.


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